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Does anyone know if this type of prony brake is accurate?

The Newman's Machine v2.0 - Towards Free Energy ?

It seems easier to build and use vs Peter's way with the leather strap and I already have all the materials to build it. Naudin says he uses this method but I can't read it. I loved Peter's way of explaining how to do the straps step by step. I wish there was a step by step for the way Naudin did it. According to the site the equation he used was: Power (watts) = Couple(Nm) X 2 X Pi X RPM / 60.

What is Couple(Nm) ?

Sorry about the video quality, I'm too lazy to de-interlace. Currently set up for linear, but I have a circular set up I can swap out and am also working on an elliptical. I'll test all three. When I had circular set up it didn't feel too strong but I'd rather do the prony brake method to find out. skinner1

Anyhow, if no one knows much about that type of prony break I'll order the stuff to do it Peters way.

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