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lever rotates in an elliptical orbit

Originally Posted by d3x0r View Post
Here's it looped I dunno 7 or 8 times... tried to patch together so the end of one starts back in the beginning, as judged by the right side weight being out. There's still a lot of jitter.... The light spots are still not moving... still think it's artifacts from encoding; would be nice to get a super high res conversion, since the source is only 360, it's only like 8 pixels that contain the operation in question... and the's being generous it's probably more like 3.5x1.2 pixels, so the averaging of the background and the light lever make a bar..(I do see a bar-like thing... )

The top drive gear extending beyond the machine is clearly seen in the previously posted press photos... so the only reason it goes beyond the frame is... cause it's mounted on a circular gear that goes beyond the frame.

Whipping, with such a large mass is not going to be conducive to this situation, it's just a requirement for more input.
It it not an artifact of the film, the opposite side is doing the same thing.

Whipping the lever out away from the crossbar is not whipping a large is simply moving the lever on a pivot. Your claim is contrary to the very point of the machine.

If you understand how a lever and fulcrum works, the whole point is to not have to manage a large mass with a lot of force over a small distance, it is to manage a large mass with flea power over a larger distance. And once the machine is up to speed, the upper weight does 99.99% of the work in rotating that translation coupler and changing the center of gravity of the lower weight - the lever only has to make up for the loss.

That is a universal principle that applies to virtually every non-equilibrium machine whether it is mechanical or electrical. Any claim that is in opposition to these universal principles is false at face value.

It is not a requirement for more input, it is the opposite - it reduces the input. It is a positive feedback system and this is because the reaction in the machine helps to move it forward. If it did not do that, the lever would have to work against resistance and it does not. The upper weight is doing most of that work as described above.
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