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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post

X marks the spot. Top of lever on a little wheel at the end of the oscillator bar - its plain as day in the original film right in the beginning. You can see it rotating around as the oscillator bar goes back and forth. The water mark on that postcard is blocking it - it is easier to see in the original film - it is not hidden there.
Nothing is clear as day in the first 3.5 seconds of video (first 28 seconds are youtube scaling processing to 1/8 speed last 3.5 seconds is original speed)

The light spot just sits there, it's part of the background. it's a view between the gear so you can see the light back wall. and an artifact of video encoding. The light spot sits in place and doesn't move with the shaft.

Another example the left bar starts to go past the front support, but then the film jumps, and the averaging picks it up as the the tranition as a motion into the back vertical drive shaft...
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