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Jockying for position

Yup the whole world is just like that especially Hollywood, ya know all the folks we idolize?. They can't stand it when men are living out the wonder of their existence with their dreams. This Ray guy probably came on this forum thinking he was going to be excepted and when he was told to be quiet and listen by someone, ole Ray did like so many others, he turned on them.

This Ray guy is a real extreme case where he wanted all the glory, all the spotlight and so on. This is the way of men to demand others acknowledge them and their quest for position thereby quenching the flame of the next man.

Position is not something you attain is what most people don't understand.
Whatever a person is like is a gift and they themselves can never change.

Or like ole Ray said of the set (TV set ) that he was a god. In a sense he is right we are all created in some wonderful very marvelous way in the likeness of the ALMIGHTY but we are not God.. But men want to be first and ALL of their wars with each other are ALL based on selfish desires of wanting to be idolized like God.

Without the jockeying for position there is no warring amongst one another.

But my take of ole RAY??? Hummm.........

Ole Ray is carrying around a whole truck load of demons that he has invited into his heart his whole life and for Ray there will be no escape.

Now that it has become obvious that Ray is fully swallowed up by the dark lords of self and power the thing living there does not enjoy folks in the light and will do everything in it's power to spew bitter poison all over any thing good in it's path.

This is the same for many people, they don't know it sometimes and will be recovered someday so we pray that the power of light will reach to them in their pain.

You see ole Ray can only cry out in pain because he is consumed by self and power and the way this comes out is in the form of criticizing others in an effort to elevate oneself. Ray says he is a god and people need to take notice of him plus all of the girls. Oh yeah the men need to look at him too, these are Rays own words.

It is a perfect example of what AMERICA has come to. When I lived in Detroit 40 years ago I worked as a mechanic in a large Hospital environment and the old men 60-70 yrs were coming on to me wanting me to hang out with them.

I was 18yrs old.

Back then gays were in the closet.

This was the 1970's and to be gay was very bad in the military or anywhere else. Now 40years later everyone wants to protect the gay lifestyle and 1000's of movies brainwash our young.

Ray is a perfect example of lawless behavior. Ray wants and demands your love and admiration in the form of who knows what? and when you don't give it to Ray he turns on you and tries to use force and intimidation.

This is an extreme case of what most Americans have been taught.

Thank God hopefully most will recover themselves out of this programming introduced into mainstream by the world controllers who want infighting and disorder.

Ray is out of order no doubt but we all have to admit who have lived over 50 yrs that he is not the only weird-O with this same attitude. In fact it is getting hard to find anyone with a standard of any kind.

One leg up, step on your head, I don.t care who I hurt doing it is the way of modern society today. Ray is just a red flag.

Ray is hopeless in the Light.


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