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The Extraluminal Transmission Systems of Tesla & Alexanderson

Eric Dollard's presentation at the conference was beyond EPIC - truly historical! It turned out to be 4 hours long and is the most complete authoritative lecture ever on the Tesla-Alexanderson transmissions systems along with the full history of the REAL origins of relativity E=MC2 and how to accurately break down time and space mathematically. This is the most profound expose of the Einstein propaganda that has ever been revealed in our generation. It is truly beyond words and it was an honor and privilege to be a part of it! Stay tuned for more than I can describe.

By the way, I don't have the electrical background like most of you but I was actually able to understand quite a bit and it is really straight forward. Understanding the history is more important than the math for the laymen too see where it all came from.
Aaron Murakami

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