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That is amazing in my opinion. I am excited to try that setup, I have several 24V wheelchair motors to use. They run fine on 12V just not as fast.
Thank you for reporting and experimenting.

Originally Posted by Turion View Post
I ended up with a 26 hour run where at least the first motor was running at the same speed the entire time. (for almost 24 hours all THREE motors were) At the end of that time my primaries were down to 3 or 4 volts each. I have since recharged both of them and I notice that where they would only charge to full at around 12.4 or 12. 5 volts, they are now accepting a charge to over 13 volts. So rather than HURT the primaries, this seems to have helped to desulphate them. These are pretty old batteries that have taken a beating over the years as I have run them down to these LOW voltages many times using the 3BGS.

If you run just ONE motor off these batteries, it will suck that battery dry in less than two hours, so I consider that a pretty decent extension of the run time.