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Originally Posted by Prio View Post
There is still the question, what is the engineering goal, what can you expect and achieve with this set up?
That is a good question.

In general using a properly constructed “Tesla Coil” or a pair of them, there are a number of different configurations, uses and learning outcomes.

As per JP’s CIG video he states, one wire power transmission, creating radiant matter, transmitting DC through space, and via the TMT configuration, transmitting / receiving power and signals via earth ground. The CIG configuration is also an attempt to model the universe or certain aspects of it. (I.e. The Electric Universe Theory). Where the Dielectric fields interact and are supposed form galactic like formations within a vacuum.

There are also other practical uses such as inductive heating, electro-medical, and perhaps other uses that are yet to be discovered. (Experiment and see).

Well, everyone wants free energy or Energy Synthesis and Eric calls it. – I myself doubt that the CIG or TMT leads to that directly of itself. However if the Tesla coil’s telluric wave (displacement current) can interact with the already present telluric currents of the Earth (powered via the Sun), the Tesla coil may provide some kind of 'tap' into the Earth’s natural telluric currents? - So it’s not free energy as such, it’s tapping into what’s already naturally there. As Tesla said, “Connecting to the wheel work of nature”.

For example it is known there are Telluric currents in the Earth where their magnitude is beyond comprehension. The Sun is what powers these currents, via lines of force between the Earth and the Sun. In a conventional circuit one would need to break the circuit to insert your device in-line with the circuit current in order for the device to work. - The one wire transmission of power may be an answer towards tapping the Earth’s natural telluric currents?

If you were to ask what are my specific engineering goals, or what do I want to personally achieve?

This question as no specific answer, an open ended resonant circuit. Subject to finance and time. - I’m just a backyard experimenter who likes to build stuff, generally based on the principals taught by Nikola Tesla, Eric Dollard and other rebel scientific mad-men! - So who knows where it will all lead to in the end? (Prison most likely)?

Apart from that, my goal is “The education of these principals, aimed at the next generation”.

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