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Originally Posted by T-rex View Post
New paper by Eric P. Dollard:

Electromagnetic Induction and Its Propagation This is a draft paper, which will be formatted better at a later time. The contents of this paper will be a part of the 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference presentation called The Extraluminal Transmission Systems of Tesla and Alexanderson: Electromagnetic Induction and Its Propagation (pdf)

New page on where a collection of his papers will be available as free downloads: Free Papers | Eric P. Dollard Official Homepage
Repeatedly Eric has said that the education system is a ly and I have to agree with him on a factual level.
A course in electromagnetic starts with the electron and the Drude model to explain everything about currents and fields but than when they get to magnetic induction they have to introduce Faradays law because with the Lorentz forse and electrons you can not explain the situation where a magnetic field gets stronger and induces an EMK. There is nothing moving in that case. When the circuit loop is moving in a not uniform magnetic field you can use the Lorentz forse to explain the EMK but when no loop or coil is moving that Lorentz equation does not work. So they finally mention Faraday who said that a magnetic field is formed to oppose the changing magnetic field. Than they get to the Maxwell equations because Maxwell discovered that an electric field is formed to oppose a changing electric field. And than we get to electromagnetism and the Poynting vector. Fine and than? Nothing. They do not go back to the early circuit theorie and now explain the currents with Maxwell. They just leave you in the middle all confused and than you get your bull.

This article very clearly points out that the education system has to change. That people should learn the Maxwell approach right away and not be bothered with electrons. It is also a useful way for us to understand Maxwell and you find links to learn more until they rewrite the books.

Now this ly is almost impossible to get rid of but I ask everyone to look at superconductors. There the surface current is 100nm deep. Do these electrons carry the energy or do they form the obstructors of the electromagnetic energy? The boundary conditions for the field equations not the energy carriers.
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