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“Pi network” is a term coined for vacuum tubes, really it is only one type of matching
Network. The man’s hand gestures an arc gives a rough visual of induction.
With a poor match the gesture might be flat.

DC is less complicated to understand circuit impedance simple resistace.
A matching network is to form a hand shake between signal output and an input port for
example between a signal generator and an amplifier. Why because a mismatch would cause reflection that would block the signal also they act as a filter to reduce harmonics.

I chose this video as a hands on example of impedance matching for tesla coil at 3.47 Mhz. The value of the HV capacitor or double sided copper clad
can be calculated using online calculator to determine surface area for 3.17
followed with a 2n5109 would make inexpensive signal source look awesome.

I built a ten turn coil yesterday like the one in the video. Using a signal generator I derive a value in uH then divide by 10 gives me the actual uH per turn. The matching network when complete can be checked out of circuit bt terminating it with a 50 ohm resistor.

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