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Originally Posted by suzannahbanana View Post
Oh Stephen, you are SO lucky to be going to a seminar!! When are you going??

I want to go to a seminar, but I'm getting married in September, and using all my vacation time for my honeymoon. I have a sister in Seattle though, so perhaps I could swing it at the first of the year. That's IF my husband doesn't think I'm completely insane. (He's a bit of a skeptic)

I wish they would conduct a seminar in the Midwest. That would be so ideal. I think I'll email them and see if they have any plans as such.

Rose, I read about 2/3 of it yesterday, and I'm just so fascinated!! And when I left work (which is where I did all my readingt), I just had this wonderful, beautiful feeling about how awesome the world is. I'm going to keep reading today, and then read key parts over. That is so wild that you live in Missoula. Talk about synchronicity! PM me if you want to discuss!! I'm usually only on here during the day.

Hi Suzannah!
I am going for the June 1 to 4th, level I and II course in Seattle.

I HEAR YA about the skeptical nature of people, spouses or otherwise! I talk about ME with people because I just don't care what they think and besides, who knows who might also click into this! Anyway, often the eyes of the recipient of the conversation will begin to glaze over, or they will just continue on with whatever was the subject before ME came up! LOL!

As for ME coming out to the Midwest, I think that Dr. Bartlett and crew will come out to various places to put courses on but they want to have someone out there already who can organize it, getting a suitable facility and so forth. That is my plan!!! I'm going to get them up here to our little city of 80,000. I'll LOA/ME/Whatfreakinever the crowd to attend!

Take care and I better get my book from Amazon today!

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