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Originally Posted by Sputins View Post
Recorded back in late February 2014. The testing of a single Spiral Tesla coil on CW 160 metres. The Telluric output terminal lighting vintage style, (not an antique) 25 watt filament bulbs (Same setup as previously posted etc.). Video quality isnít great due to camera compensation and poor lighting / variable light etc.

Spiral TMT test - YouTube

Iíve posted this as my first U-tube video, more or less as a test, (a few minute video still took 8 hours upload)?? Ė Anyway when Iíve worked everything out, Iíll share some of my more recent tests. The sound of your own voice sounds goofy on video!

Cool stuff, I like those vintage style bulbs. Quality/lighting looked fine to me. It takes you 8 hours to upload because it seems to be 1080p so the file is huge. You can probably change it to 720p in your camera settings, that will cut it down by nearly half. But unfortunately that will only apply to new recordings, everything else you've done so far will still take ages to upload.

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