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Originally Posted by velacreations View Post
Aaron, I'd like to replicate this, and it seems within my capabilities to do so. One thing, I know people love videos these days, and seeing videos of things working is awesome, but 30 min+ videos on youtube are not possible for some of us with crappy internet connections or data limits.

Is it possible for someone to give a short synopsis of the video, maybe with a few screen shots to see things in a better format? I'd be willing to do this myself, but I have to watch the video in parts, so it might takes me a few weeks.

Anyway, cool project, looks like it has some promise, I'd like to get it going in an off-grid setup!
I'd recommend getting a program vdownloaded and/or the plugin for firefox for example. Go to the video and you can download just the audio in mp3 for example. That is the only quick solution I have for you but you at least need enough bandwidth for that.
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