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Gravity Power Secrets Revealed

Arto - ok, here's the rest of the mechanism.

The last segment is all important to see how the axis of rotation is constantly changing and how that creates the elliptical orbit.

Also, that vid explains how and why the large lower weight is "always falling" - it literally is always falling.

Anyway, this is about all there is to know to create a replication. My own "translation coupler" is using a pulley that is off centered and that is all I want to mention of that at this time.

But for the most part, there is no mystery to the lever input needs to be mounted to the frame so that the translation coupler is held into is best to have the lever rod at the top going in a small circle, but even with straight back and forth motion, it still works because of the mechanism I show on the paper example at the end of the video.

Where I want to go with it as time permits is to have a Scotch Yoke type assembly like in a Bourke Engine but the input is the shaft off centered and the output is the back and forth action moving levers.

I've already done the electrical measurements with a watt meter on the variac used to run an electrical motor and have already seen what the mechanical work output is.

I just wanted to get all of this out to keep people on track before a bunch of disinformation intentional or not gets the replication attempts going in the wrong direction. That is what happened in the Stan Meyer field and others and we can't let that happen with this machine.

Hopefully, some people will start to replicate it and share their results. I'll share more when I see others sharing some - I've already pretty much given the whole thing away with an easy way to replicate with rods, sockets, etc... obviously that is just my own low budget method of doing it but there should be no mistake now about how to do it.
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