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John device

Originally Posted by drak View Post
Hi Aaron,

Thanks for bringing this up, I find gravity machines fascinating. This one must have slipped through the cracks.

I know this thread is about Skinner and I don't want to derail, but are you saying the John device is not a mechanical amplifier, or its just not using the same concept as the Skinner device?

It kinda looks to me like the John device is just a little cog in a more complicated device like what Skinner using. I'm probably wrong, but looks like Skinner is using multiple off balanced parts to achieve his goal. Where as the John device is just one off balanced part.

Any how thanks for starting this thread. I didn't know of the John device, or Skinners device even existing.

Looking at the John device - I don't want to discourage anything there, but on the surface seeing the mechanism here is what i see.

1. It rotates the top of the shaft in a perfect circle and we should have a variance such as in an elliptical orbit.

2. The bottom weight moving around is in direct proportion to the input mechanism so I don't see at the moment how gravity can contribute unless the gravitational potential exceeds the force given by the input motor and I don't see that happening.

3. When the 2nd weight is added, we add even more symmetry to the system when it should be more asymmetrical.

There are almost no similarities to the Skinner machine that I can see.
Aaron Murakami

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