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~Gri to Aaron~

Originally Posted by Aaron
I'm not sure what you mean by global quote and what is SMF?
Social Movement for Freedom
based on Simple Machines' Forum software
stands for "SMF".

Stefan's forum is on SMF2 forum drive, overloaded by bad modifications.

The default quote code both in vBulletin and SMF
does not contain the full address of the forum
where the original post has been placed.
In result the default code of the quote
is inoperable after copy-pasting the default quote
to another forum.

Instead, for distributed global discussions
the full link is needed in quote headers,
with unique post identificator,
independent from thread/board identificators/titles.

It would be better if both/all forums
could understand the common format of the quote header with full link.

Layout is about how the quote header looks like
and where is it placed - above the quote box as in default SMF
or inside the box as in default vBulletin
or, maybe, in the break of the upper border of the quote box.

I am subtitling my posts intentionally
so you could easily split your thread if you wish
either before or after
converting your forum to SMF.
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