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William F. Skinner - Gravity Power 1939

My post at Stefan's forum in response to what I saw Arto post - Stefan's thread: 1939 Gravity Power - multiply power by 1200%

Re: 1939 Gravity Power - multiply power by 1200%

Reply #77 on: Today at 08:08:06 AM Congratulations Arto, you mostly have it right. Looks like you've been photocopying my drawings!

Just kidding - you know I love your work.

That John device though is not the same mechanism and putting two weights opposite on the shaft defeats the asymmetry of the system. His attachment at the top is also going in a circle - not elliptical and if I grab the bottom weight on his device, it will stop the input because they are in lock-step with each other and the input and output MUST NOT BE directly proportional to each other.

If you grab the output, you should be able to do so and the input can still spin without locking up and visa versa - lock up the input and the bottom weight can still free spin around the axis. We're dealing with open dissipative systems that are out of equilibrium. If the input and output are directly related to each other, then forget about it - no gains.

I know this because I started to replicate the Skinner machine almost 2 years ago and have had a working model for about a year. After I had my conference last year, Jim Murray were at my home with Peter Lindemann when Peter interviewed Jim live on the internet here in my office - Jim saw my basic setup in my shop... I saw the references to Jim's mechanical device that someone posted. Jim is a master at both the electrical, math and mechanical devices.

I don't have a lot of time to get into this, but in my forum - William F. Skinner - 1939 Gravity Power I'll start a thread and will lay down the basics of how the Skinner machine works. It's not a mystery and like I said, I've done it.

One thing that would be helpful to me is if anyone can tell me a very simple way to rotate an iphone video 90 degrees - that is what I used to shoot some demonstrations of the priniciples back then...been using Android every since.

Anyway, I was going to demonstrate it at this year's conference but I had a lot of pressure from a lot of people to do a presentation on the Plasma Ignition so that is what I'm doing and was going to plan to release the Skinner replica at the 2015 conference. But since some of you seem genuinely interested in this, I'm open to sharing some...depends on how many people take what I share and actually apply it with some real builds. If I see that, I'll share more.

Stefan, feel free to copy and paste anything I put on my forum here for your readers.

So you know I'm not kidding - I just put this up:

Anyway, was pleased to find this thread!

Aaron Murakami

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