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Arrow William F. Skinner - 1939 Gravity Power

EDIT: I made 3 videos showing my reverse engineering of this machine - they're all in one video now. Before reading anything else in this thread, watch the original video (link is in this post) and watch my FULL VERSION explanation: FULL VERSION – Gravity Power 1939 Reverse Engineering Details | A & P Electronic Media – Digital Publishing by Aaron Murakami & Peter Lindemann


First watch this:

I saw the conversation at Stefan's forum so I thought I'd share about about my work on the William F. Skinner gravity power machine. I've had it figured out for a couple years but never saw anyone talk about it. Was going to give a demonstration at this year's conference, but was encouraged by a lot of people to talk about the Plasma Ignition instead.

Anyway, this is a short video clip to simply get more interest in the machine. If I see people making progress by building things and not just talking about ideas, I'll share more bit by bit.

Youtube description: This is a short vid to get interest in the machine. Saw the discussion at Stefan's forum so thought I'd share. William F. Skinner - 1939 Gravity Power Skinner's machine gives more than 1200% more work than is input - the rest comes from gravity. That is a COP of 12.0, which is beyond useful. It is one of the few real free energy machines that has been in front of everyone for a long time!
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