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Originally Posted by aljhoa View Post
1669,8 km/h, is this the velocity of the sun "running" above the equator of the flat earth?

Is flat earth the center of the universe or is it located in the Milky Way galaxy?

Answer to your first question: yes
Answer to your second question: The flat earth is the center of the universe, i will show some diagrams later...

Now it's time to make some conclusions here:

1. The Earth does not rotate on it's axis! - 100 % sure (proved) truth

2. The Earth does not revolve around sun! - 100 % sure (proved) truth

All geocentrists and flat earthers admit above truths!

Here are some important experiments which scientifically had established these truths:

3. Surface of the Earth is flat!

Here we have disagreement between ordinary geocentrists and flat earthers. We should now reconsider this issue just a little bit...

In post #4 we can read this sentence: Itís difficult to see how the scientific creationists, some of whom claim to discern the laws of thermodynamics in the Bible, can fail to see its flat-earth implications.

Similarly, i must admit that it's difficult to see how geocentrists can fail to see flat-earth implications of geocentrism?

In post #7 i put this question: In geocentric universe everything is spinning around Earth, how can it be?

In the same post i have answered to that question with these words: It can't be without great modifications of the geometry, and relations (distances) between celestial objects (and their sizes) in the universe as we generally perceive it on the basis of current fraudulent scientific dogma!!! That is why geocentrists are much lousier guys than heliocentists! Geocentrism without Flat Earth Hypothesis is just a disastrously preposterous idea, ultimate stupidity! Listen this excellent question, and then excellently stupid answer: Mic'd Up "The Principle: Is Earth Really the Center of the Universe?"

One of the best illustrations of the stupidity of geocentism without accepting flat earth hypothesis is here - this is how they explain the seasons on the earth:

If they wouldn't make any major changes in the geometry of the universe they would have to face insurmountable obstacles like these:

1. Instead of 3219 km/h (alleged speed of Moon's motion in orbit around the Earth) they have to accept preposterous speed of Moon's motion of at least 193 140 km/h!

2. Instead of 10 950 km/s (alleged speed of Earth's motion in orbit around the Sun) they have to accept ultimately preposterous speed of Sun's motion around the Earth of at least 39 420 000 km/h.

3. Maybe you still remember these words of mine: Geocentrists who are not flat earthers have to defend earth rotation hypothesis, otherwise they can't explain days and nights on Earth. But, if Earth doesn't spin (and it doesn't) then they have to get rid of earth tilt hypothesis because if Sun is orbiting TILTED and SPHERICAL Earth it can't produce 6 months of North Pole daylight, it can't produce even 24 hours continuous North Pole daylight. When you get rid of earth tilt hypothesis then you could still theorized geocentric Earth, but not in the context of The Earth as we know it, because Sun which daily revolve this time UN-TILTED but still SPHERICAL Earth could produce 6 months of North Pole daylight but during these 6 months, on SPHERICAL Earth such revolving Sun couldn't cast any light not just to South Pole but to much wider/larger part of southern hemisphere (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South America etc...)...So, if Earth is not spinning than it has to be flat.

In addition, according to above diagram during spring/autumn seasons (if the sun would be far enough from the earth) we would have midnight sun in north and south pole simultaneously...


So, we have to accept this model of the universe which is Flat Earth Model:


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