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more questions

thanks for your answer. you answers only create more questions for me.
I can't accept that the seventh trumpet sounded during the time of the French Revolution.

You can't make statements like that unless you are prepared to explain the when, where, and how of trumpets 1 - 6. Please indulge my curiosity!

The start of Rev 11 is in reference to the French Revolution. The outgrowth of the "Age of Enlightenment" and the "Age of Reason". So here you are saying that your god wants us to be ignorant and unknowledgeable but that makes perfect sense considering his past behavior. "Thou shalt not eat of the fruit from the tree of knowledge"

A National Sunday Law in national violation of the Saturday Sabbath given in Lord's 10 Commandments. This will start in the US and spread to the entire world. This is the final straw that breaks the camel's back so to speak and Jesus will return to deliver destruction to the entire earth and claim His people.

So here you are saying that Jesus won't return for the 20,000 children who die of starvation every day. He doesn't care about the human trafficking of innocent girls sold into the sex trade. Nor would he come to stop the torture and slavery of African Americans in this country. He wouldn't come back to stop us from the disaster of WWII and the nuclear holocaust we visited on Japan. He wouldn't even come back and save millions of Jews (his own "chosen" people) from their holocaust but he will come back to enforce the tiniest of laws borne of jealousy and insecurity?

And while we are speaking of the ten commandments. Your god freed the Jews from Slavery in Egypt only to enslave them himself. He forced them to march around the desert for forty years carrying his temple accoutrements feeding them only manna and doves. When they complained he visited them with a plague of poisonous vipers.

Thou shalt not kill. Did they not carry these stones with the commandments all those years in the desert and even on the day that god commanded them to "go into the land and kill every man, woman, and child? So much for the ten commandments. Is this the god you choose to follow?

I must also ask where you get your information (prophesy) about the National Sunday Law? Is this from your own imagination or some TV evangelist or from some book you read?

I grew up in your world. I read the bible. I went to church. I was saved. I found myself surrounded by liars and hypocrites. I searched for truth and found much knowledge. I am ready for my punishment, but I assure you; it will not come. Perhaps as the years go by, you will realize and discover the truth for yourself instead of blindly following the teachings of others who are merely motivated by fame, fortune, and ego.
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