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Yeah, its bad

Different but similar legal 'ruling'; IF your body, all on its own, develops a 'genetic mutation' which is beneficial. And a Dr., treating you 'finds' this mutation, and takes samples from you, and from them devlops a 'cure', YOU are not entitled to ANY compensation, even tho the company the Dr. starts, or the pharmaceutical company he selss the 'cure' to make millions or billions.

And your right, no one 'asked' you. Just as no one 'asked you if you preferred beta to VHS, or many other decisions which are 'dictated by market forces'.

One of the areas where this is most disconcerting, is with 'technology', including the technology we are using, here.

It seems like its almost a 'Universal rule', or law, (like Gravity?) technologies will ALWAYS have incentives, encouraging people to usethem. BUT, there will ALWAYS be a 'price to pay', which is not to apperent or obvious, and often is NOT in the pocketbook.

I KNOW its 'backward' thinking, but examples abound; The I-net and cell phones; Yes, its GREAT to be able to call 911, from anywhere, in an emergency. Its GREAT to be able to 'surf the web', etc. But, A) are we REALLY 'more' connected, or less? Are we LESS stressed, or more?
And of coarse, THEY can now monitor all your communications, whetehr by phone conversation, e-mail, or post in forums like this.

But, when cell phones and the I-net were first developed, and with each 'new' mprovement, while the 'advantages' were obvious, the 'hidden costs' were,....well,..HIDDEN.

We see the same things with these GMO foods, (no one forced farmers to use them, and initially it 'sonded' like a great idea, I'm sure.

We see it in Medicine, and Big Pharma; instead of surgery, take a pill. Its Ubiquitous, (its EVERYWHERE!); We see the incentives, for 'us' as consumers, in embracing the 'new' technology, and don't SEE the negatives, until such time as we are 'addicted' to the new technology, as individuals and as a society.

Hence, I wonder at those who see technology as the 'answer to all our problems',...

Mind you, I am 'saying' this on a forum on the I-net, so I am as prone to this as anyone else.

Is it possible/practical for ALL consumers to thoroughly examine ALL the 'pro's and cons' of a newly introduced technology, before 'embracing' it and 'voting with their pocketbook' in 'favor' of it, only after weighing ALL the pro's and cons'? I doubt most people WILL, even if it IS possible. Its like how many people really research before voting in the polling booth? A FEW,but not nearly enough.

And, the 'market' IS democratic; if you, in the minority 'vote' not to use these products, but the vast majority do, you WILL effectively be out-voted.

And so, there will be a worldwide proliferation of cell phones, and GMO foods, and it will be VERY difficult for your 'vote' to have much influence! Not to say you shouldn't TRY, but most people are just too caught up in their daily lives to care. Jim
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