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Originally Posted by Ajnabii View Post

if this is so simple so why you are not going to build up this and share with us and also you suggest that for me to take the class but dude class is not free


I did NOT say its so simple, as they, or maybe only he, Thrapp, try to imply.
That is, what THEY say with this drawing from a Plan and her cover letter for 1000$ (what is simple a joke when you compare what documents you get today for this amount), what you posted above.

And second, i said pray, because you will build something with such plans, where you can only pray afterwards, and hope that it will once work, because it obviously dont will work. Hope is, what dies at last.

and also you suggest that for me to take the class but dude class is not free
Show me that part where i did write that, that i suggested it to you.

But i will tell you few things.

First, when you buy a simple generator, you can be sure, that the coils on it are not made to be in resonance. They are probatly in resonance to eachother, means they both got the same capacitance, and are therefor in resonance, but doesnt mean, that you will reach a real resonance at the speed how the motor runs.

Second, you see the Generator he use has same as the QEG bridges build on the core, where the rotor can make a flux path to certain points at the Core.
A standard Generator is not build like that.
Did you ever take a Generator apart? It has most time 3 Coils in it, wire size is about 25#-22#Awg (0.4-0.6mm) That are standard Generators for maybe 3 KW, but for 3kw they are then actually big Motors, not toys.

That means once you have at last 3 Coils, (where you have to make it as 1 Coil? as this Plans say?) and then, you can not excite that one Coil, when you dont have a second, at last a resonance Coil, what is shown at the QEG Diagrams or a Magnet inside.
I very hard doubt, that a Antenna with an adjustable Variac to ground will give any 'excitement'.
Next, even the Antenna is not shown at the Videos what we have seen from the Motor.
Or are there other Videos to this kind of Plans what they gave you.

Third. Standard Motors and Generators run on about 60-80% efficency, means, you will still have losses there if you simple take the coils from it.

Fourth. The QEG and some other buildings from the TPU show 3 Coils at last, or even more, AND a very heavy gauge Wire, what is used for a pickup coils, what is totally missed here.
I remember one example from a guy what played around with a tpu like device, and first could get a strange effect, after he mixed 3 frequencys and suddenly he got a huge energy boost for a moment, until he got some of his equipment damaged.
Thats all not possible with this plans.

About that you should learn about resonance, what THEY suggest, you can really find some basics about that at the net, even on youtube like this.

But such Tutorials are only the half way that you get a coil into real resonance. This one is more about to bring the coil with the capacitor into Resonance. Usually, you should first find the resonance from a Coil with the frequency and the input power and then find a matching capacitor.
It then more looks like that then.
Even where i am not sure at this User Larsko because he posted some fraud devices, if that did really work for him, but i have seen a similar build what did seem to work too.
One more video for resonance, what shows it well.
A simple experiment for it to try it out is to feed a Coil with pulses and see at what frequency and voltage it does shows a sinewave (from pulsed input).
Still, the disadvantage there is, that you feed the coil with a pulse, means you have a push from one side all time, means, only one half from the sinewave will have current, and the other side from the wave is only kinda forming. But then you may can compensate that with a tank circuit with capacitors, what charge up and decharge when the pulse is off. Just, you need all that coils tuned to eachother(just..).

So, a 'few' things what i showed, and this Plans from WITTS doesnt, like that Coils in a normal generator are for sure not tuned for the Power what it creates and kinda impossible to reproduce for someone who only buys this plans and does not have a lot knowledge

Btw, Witts allways offer help when you stuck with her Plans. Does that mean you have to pay again for further help from them?

I seriously would more start to build a device what looks different from a Motor/generator and what is more efficient then the parts what they suggest, like johnnblade does.
Theorizer are like High Voltage. A lot hot Air with no Power behind but they are the dead of applied Work and Ideas.
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