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Originally Posted by Ajnabii View Post
Brothers and Sisters i hope you all will be fine

today i am going to share with you 3000 Watt Generator Notes + Diagram handed over from Witts Ministries to me. i have paid 1000$ for this and today i am going to share with you just free of cost, i don't need money i just need the knowledge and also your all friends help, if there is anyone who make this after this thread, then share with us please, i hope you guys will give me a positive response.

Thank You
Did you take a class with Witts along with the above plans?
The notes leave most of the work to be done by us.

This is the QMOGEN design that has a motor running a generator.
PESN has a number of these on his sight.

I'll start looking for a self exited generator.
Does anyone have a part number for a four quadrant generator?
Potential, is a terrible thing to waste.
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