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Originally Posted by mikrovolt View Post
The latest results of LaserSabre's study on crystal cells and John Hutchinson using copper pipe.
Wow! It's been over 2 months and still only up to post #3152... there's a lot of videos and documentation to read through. I made a couple cells last week (cell #'s 174 and 175 for me) as suggested by Bedini back at post #1966, which seem to be working well. I will make a couple more this week.

In series they are holding at around 2.2 volts and 1 mA under load so far. I'll add a third cell to get it over 3 volts to match the LED rating and add a photoresistor to my circuit to keep it off during the day. I left it disconnected for 12 hours and it came back stronger.

I'm looking forward to working my way up to Bedini's "new" mix (from over 2 years ago) - post #2562 - and learning more as I trudge through these many posts.... Fun!

Thanks everyone!

PS - I hope to see some updates on the cells built back then as I go through this thread, but I haven't found any from this year on YouTube.... yet... I'll keep an eye out...

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