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Efficiency of war

Aljhoa, that is a fascinating article. We are at war with China. Since America is debt saturated, the QE from the FED moved into developing markets that had a higher rate of return. We exported our currency inflation. The Chinese lapped it all up and blew an unbelievable credit bubble.
That was our war effort; trying to destabilize China economically.

China is at war with us.
"“The Three Warfares is a dynamic three dimensional war-fighting process that constitutes war by other means,” said Cambridge University professor Stefan Halper, who directed the study. “It is China’s weapon of choice in the South China Sea.”
"The unclassified 566-page report warns that the US government and the military lack effective tools for countering the non-kinetic warfare methods, and notes that US military academies do not teach future military leaders about the Chinese use of unconventional warfare"

"According to the final Pentagon report, China’s use of Three Warfares is based on the notion that the modern information age has rendered nuclear weapons unusable and conventional conflict too problematic for achieving political goals. China’s goals are to acquire resources, influence, and territory and to project national will."
PressTV - Inside China’s secret three-front war vs. the US

The report suggests that kinetic warfare is a thing of the past. That is fine with me. Economic competition demands efficiency. War has to bring gains of some sort if it is done for economic reasons rather than ideology. Blowing things up doesn't bring gains.
$2 billion long range bombers and $ 35 million fighter jets just don't make economic sense.
We now have 3D printed drones. Another thing that will shape the battlefield will be energy. We can't waste huge amounts of energy fighting wars. Europe is running out fast. Cameron? said that Britain needs to start fracking by the end of the year. They are desperate.
Death Cross For European Energy
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