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Originally Posted by Turion View Post

Thanks for the update. Where did your primaries end up after your run (after a rest)?

It has been a week since my prev. Test, so I "braved" the cold for another test.
The temps have been lows in the 20s, highs in the 40s, most of the week.
I was pleased to find my batteries doing well. Primary 1 was at 12.81, primary 2 was 12.70 ( all but completely back to original voltage) batt 3 was at 5.48.
My setup was this: 3BGS (splitting the pos.) going to a cap with a diode in both pos before cap, then the energizer run from the cap, chg batt on the energizer was 10.08 V. Then I had a 24 volt motor running off batt 3 via the PWM.
I had meters on all batts. And one on the cap. I turned it on dialed up the pwm so the energizer would run, let it come up to speed, tuned the pwm so that batt 3 sat at 13.4 to 13.8'. Primaries sat at 12.31 and 12.33. Here's the cool part the charge batt went from 10.08 to 11.79 in about 1 hour 10 min. And the primaries never budged. (Next wknd I am going to try to run the test on sat and leave it run for a while, maybe let it go overnight.) I wonder if I may be very close to having the system balanced in such a way to preserve the primary voltages? I am excited to see what the voltages recover to tomorrow. One thing to remember, actually two things, these are 2.9 amp hr batts, the energizer pulls 145-160 ma plus I am running the 24 volt motor off batt 3. And it seems that batt 3 may be coming around??? I think I did mention about building a batt. Position changing switch. I wonder about things like " can I change the batteries positions around at a speed necessary to trick the system into not depleting the batteries at all, while still running the energizer to charge batteries" (the tesla switch)I almost forgot to mention the cap voltage would fluctuate between 8.40 and 13.65, no clue on that one folks!!! But it does do better with the cap then without it. Oh well that's it for now, hope I didn't bore you too much.