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Another important, but often overlooked, new product from PDI is their BiTT
(bi-toroid transformer) technology , a new transformer which operates at 90% greater efficiency than existing transformers.

In the following video CEO Thane Heins demonstrates clearly that the BiTT transformer works as stated (90% more effiicient)and explains that the design which PDI uses now is still quite large and inefficient, and therefore still in development for commercial applications.

They are seeking investors/partners to help refine the design and scale it down to the size of existing transformers.

At 5:34 he states that their goal is to integrate the primary coil into the core for maximum efficiency via a more elaborate manufacturing process.
So once they streamline and scale down the design to smaller sizes, the Bi-toroid transformers will still be AT LEAST twice as efficient as the present-day transformers.

He said the new design will be AT LEAST 50% more efficient than existing transformers of the same size , once the design is scaled down to the same size as the existing transformers on the market. He explains that to make the bittorroid smaller the goal is to integrate the primary coil into the core without losing too much efficiency, and the goal of the downsized design is to be AT LEAST 50% more efficient than standard transformers of the same size. He sounds confident that they will be able to design something that is more than 50% more efficient, and at the very least 50% more efficient.

Please contact Thane Heins with any leads you may have on prospective backers/partners/investors/supporters in developing this into a commercial

see the BiTT technology confirmed here by Jean Louis Naudin:

DLE-TEST02 : Measurements of the Voltage, Current and Phase shift with and without load


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