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We got a little break from the cold here in the northeast, so I wanted to check in on the 3 bgs my primaries were sitting @ 12.69 & 12.84 batt 3 was @ 3.42. Hooked it up to run the energizer off the positives and a taillight bulb off batt 3 via pwm motor controller. So! What I did was ran the energizer up to operating rpm and then adjust the pwm to run the bulb.
Upon initial hookup batt 3 went up to 20.8 volts and climbing, I slowing turned the pwm on while watching bat 3. I tuned it till bat 3 sat @ 14.3, primaries were @ 12.37.(I almost forgot to mention the charge batt on the energizer, it started at 10.98, during the time running the setup the charge bat ran up to 11.10) I let it run like this for about a half hour, once during this time the primaries flickered to 12.38 but for the most part they just stayed @ 12.37 for the whole run. ( keep in mind these batts are 2.9 amp hour, my energizer pulls 140-160ma and the bulb pulls .9 amp at full power, I had it dialed down some.)after the half hour the the primaries recovered to 12.56 within five minutes, batt 3 was at 8.64 and the chg batt went to 11.03. Not sure where the voltages will recover to.