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Yeah, i dont think too, its because of the solonoid, more that the sensor is simple crap. Mine switched an about 60 W bulb and still got damaged, even that some are rated for 1000watt. Not sure if its only the Potentiometer there what got wet or burned or any other bad contacts. I got at mine the light from Streetlights and thought its maybe to bright that it really works. So i put a bit tape on the sensor that it doesnt get direct light. That worked for about a week and then it was gone.
I was thinking about to buy a new one, but as usual, they maybe dont match into the Lamp because its all a unit. But they are actually cheap when you want a new one, you get one for about 10$.
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I also dont think that your motors produce to much backspike that it can damage it. Another guess from me would be, that your motor takes to much current when it switch on, but at 8W, not really.
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