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Condi, Chevron, Ukraine and Afghanistan

Actually, Ukraine is of some use.
Condi, "Ukraine "should not be a pawn in a great-power conflict but rather an independent nation" might have something to do with Chevron's 50-year lease to develop Ukraine's shale gas reserves."
Condi, " She sat on Chevron's board of directors for ten years"
" she might prioritize their interests in places like Kazakhstan or the Caspian Sea (where Chevron is heavily invested) or Afghanistan (where they've long sought a pipeline from the Caspian region to the Indian Ocean)."
"She doesn't want to hear "talk of withdrawal from Afghanistan whether the security situation warrants it or not." For her, nothing less than 10,000 troops will do. Otherwise, the US is "not serious about helping to stabilize that country."
"Perhaps the former Secretary of State, former Chevron big-wig is more concerned with the ability of Chevron to realize its Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) pipeline dream."
Ukraine, Chevron, Condi Rice and shale gas ... join the dots - Comment - The Ecologist

No amount of American lives and treasure is too high a price to be paid for the security of Pipelines and bankers.
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