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Russian GAZPROM wants to sell gas to Europe. the Western oil majors are trying to block this. Russia needs both Syria and Ukraine for it's pipelines. The Oil majors created a civil war in Syria that cut off Russia from It's port in Tartus. The oil majors are trying to create a civil war in Ukraine to cut off the Russians from it's very important warm-water port in Sevastopol.

" Ukrainians said they would not renew the lease when it expired in 2017.
But they buckled under the pressure of a gas-price hike and, in 2010,
extended the Russian navy's lease until 2042."

"The Russian navy was actively engaged with Vietnam, Syria and Venezuela (and up until March 2011, Libya) "for logistics and repair services in their principal ports". It has also been alleged that Sevastopol has served as the main source in supplying the Assad regime during Syria's civil war and proved useful with Russia's role in
dismantling Syria's chemical weapons last year. After Syria's civil war
forced Russia to stop using its naval base in the Syrian port of Tartus
last year, Sevastopol became even more crucial."
Ukraine crisis: why Russia sees Crimea as its naval stronghold | World news |

Ukraine is a rust belt of no particular value except for the port in Sevastopol. If the EU got hold of Ukraine, NATO would soon follow. There would be even more missiles close in to Russia. Ukraine's gold reserves have already been shipped to the New York FED.
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