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A couple days ago, Techzombie, David Wittekind and Ed Mitchell are in an interview with their misinformation. I saw Techlies comments about me in the comments - Here are a few facts:

Please notice that there is ZERO evidence when Techzombie makes his claims. This is a response to his bulletpointed claims against me from 3 days ago in the comments here:

1. 141 "bogus" DMCA copyright claims? Prove it by posting them - not 2-3, but 141. We'll see who is making up stories. The only copyright notices I filed was for my copyrighted material that you stole and put on keychests, which is nothing more than an illegal pirating site where you not only post other people's material, you ask for money for it. The only other notices sent in was at Eric's request to have his book removed. I have all the documentation to prove this.

2. I talked to "Sekhmet" your ex-girlfriend at HER REQUEST when someone else found her contact online because she was saying how you ruined her life. She is the one that asked me to call her - not the other way around. This is how she advertised herself online in the past: Because of your actions, we BOTH speculated that you might be the one on meth and/or other drugs and she was completely aware of your chronic steroid use (which you discuss in great detail as Maldoror666 in the bodybuilding forum). There was no conversation about you being a serial rapist, you are completely making this up.

3. There was only ONE of your members that had their paypal account shut down because they were accepting donations for copyrighted material that belongs to me. NOT three - you are exaggerating everything mixing truth and lies.

4. More lies - 2-3 people MAY have been banned from Facebook for spreading copyrighted material that belonged to myself and others. NOT 12. Post EVIDENCE when you make your claims. I always do.

5. Prove that I got Tom Brown banned. I will post the emails in my forum showing the emails I originally got from Tom and everyone can see what he admits to.

6. I don't use your site or visit it but if our copyrighted material shows up on it from google results, it will be taken down. Anything I report means I have rights to it, period, end of story.

7. You accused Eric of being on meth when he is NOT - anyone with common sense can see any references to that were all PAST TENSE references from years ago. Wittekind, Webster and Polakowski already came forward to admit they have never seen evidence of these allegations. Their quotes and links to their quotes are in the left column at the bottom here: Eric P. Dollard - Official Homepage You accuse me of hooking Eric on meth. You are 100% lying about this and everyone here in Spokane that spent time around Eric as well as over 150 conference attendees can clearly see that Eric was not on drugs. Eric wanted you out of his life MONTHS before I ever met him and there are many witnesses to this. You claim I have "multiple violent felons" that is about as pathetic as it gets. Anyone can get the Washington State WATCH report background checks: and see that I have never been arrested in my life and I just served jury duty in January. Everything you have said about me is a lie and everything I have said about you I can actually prove with EVIDENCE - not lip service.

The so-called felonies you post about me are nothing more than incidence reports. Every single time a police takes a report, it gets a number, which is public record - you are preying on people's ignorance because they don't know that these incident numbers have absolutely nothing to do with what really happened, who is telling the truth or lying, etc... they are just incident reports that do not state that anyone is guilty, etc...

Assault? I got a friend a job at a store I worked at and then when she was doing things she wasn't supposed to do assuming it was ok because I was her friend when it wasn't, I was going to recommend she get fired because it wasn't ok. So to get back at me she claimed I pushed her or grabbed her arm. She had admitted later she made it all up. The incident report about me obstructing an officer is me protecting a disabled veteran from police bruitality. My father was standing in his yard when someone was getting a DUI in front of the house. There was a lot of commotion so he went to see what was going on. I was at the house and went out as well. My father was simply standing next to at tree away from the police and the DUI incident and a cop went over and started to grab his arm and pull him away from the tree. He has torn rotator cuffs in his shoulders and I confronted the police about this and I got cuffed for "obstructing justice" and I would DO IT AGAIN! So all these felony claims you are making are all part of your pathological lies.

The only one here with a history of violence is you and this video proves it:

Using the nickname Maldoror666, you have threatened to knock someone's teeth out and said you will hand them back to him in a baggy - and you give graphic descriptions of how you are sodomizing their mother. You do that over and over.

You admit your name is Ray Savant in my forum and then you launch your phony propaganda video that denied you were Ray Savant. The above video shows that you, Techzombie, were born as Rayam Azab Youssef and in 2002 changed your name to Ray Savant and in 2011 you changed your name to Mohamed Youssef. You have deceived all your members into thinking you were never Ray Savant, but you can't put the lid back on this one kid.

Here you are denying you ever had a pink motorcycle with anime porn on it:

In your blog archives that are in wide circulation now, the bike you show there is only black because you wrecked it when it was pink - you describe this wreck in your blog.

Yet here you are in your old blog Health Level UP | Health, Fitness & Nutrition for Awakened Men talking about how it takes a "bad man to ride a pink bike" thee pics are not in the but they are all over the internet - even Sterling Allen posted your pic with your pink bike here:

Like I said, I can prove EVERY claim I ever made about you, but everything you claimed about me, you have no proof. The only DMCA notices I sent were for copyrighted pictures, books and videos that I have the copyright to and the same was sent in for Eric Dollard's material at his request.

You keep claiming you are always giving info away for free - it is my forum for the last 3 years that Eric's work has ALWAYS been posted freely available to everyone and all the content for Lone Pine Writings has ALWAYS been free for anyone to read in my forum. All your suppression claims are 100% FALSE.

Here is you selling Lone Pine Writings for $50 without Eric's knowledge or consent: Eric Dollards The Lone Pine Writings has been suppressed You took part in pocketing that money and Eric Dollard never got a dime for his own book.

If people want to read it free, they can go search through the forum - if people want it compiled in a nice book format to save them time, Eric deserves income from that.

When Eric found out you were doing this, a VALID DCMA notice was sent to have it removed - since you couldn't make the money from it, you wouldn't let anyone else - you then made it avail for free, thereby depriving Eric of the ability to earn from his own material: The Lone Pine Writings is Now Free

It is irrelevant that David Webster complied the book - he did it as a VOLUNTEER (meaning he had no publisher's rights to it) and it was supposed to be used to earn Eric some money. I have the copy of the email you sent with YOUR BOGUS DMCA takedown notice when Eric wanted me to publish it, that way, he actually would get something from it. You claimed to have copyrights to his book and you even filed a bogus copyright registration at the US Copyright Office. LOL

Therefore, the only one who has submitted bogus copyright notices is YOU and I have all the proof.

The photographer who took pics of you with your pink bike is Thorsten Roth. When I posted those pics in my forum, you sent a bogus DMCA notice to have it removed under the name Tor Rothstein which is a word play on Thorsten Roth. You were scared to let anyone know that you ARE Ray Savant and that the pike with the anime porn was you, which would look bad since you have been denying it (after you admitted it). Thorsten Roth probably wouldn't have had the pics removed and you didn't want to send a notice in your name Mohamed Youssef or Ray Savant so you pulled that stunt.
Aaron Murakami

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