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Too much currency,, not enough wealth

Central bankers print (currency inflation). Their banker buddies take this free money and push it into anything that promises some kind of return. Since Americans are debt saturated, much of this wet-ink money flows into emerging markets. It eventually causes price inflation. We export price inflation. This shows up in the CPI (consumer price inflation) index.

Here is a graph on CPI based on a population weighted index;
"On a population-weighted basis, the average currency has declined by 10% versus the dollar over the past six months, and a whopping 20% over the past two years."
"Of course, we all know the U.S., too, heavily understates its CPI – and thus, one can simply view the CRB Commodity Index, up 75% since the turn of the century, to see such inflation in action"
You did notice that your dollars don't go as far as they used to

As I’ve posted a couple of times, margin debt has only been this high 3 times previously. It crashed every time. Then, there is the question of inequality;
"As indicated in the graph below from Robert Reich’s documentary,
“Inequality for All,” there are only two years in the history of this
nation that income inequality reached these unprecedented levels: 1928,
the year before the 1929 Wall Street crash and 2007, the year before the
2008 Wall Street crash. Let that thought sink in for a while."
Mr. President, Executive Orders Are No Match for this Economic Slowdown

The world desperately needs a new financial system but king dollar is fighting the rest of the world.
The World Is Screaming For A New Financial System | Zero Hedge
The FED claims that they have a toolbox. Seems that the favorite tool in the toolbox is the printing press;
This certainly shows up in the gold-leverage rate;

The Death Of Paper Money | Gold Eagle
Every month, our time grows shorter;
The Daily Bell - Andy Hoffman on the Golden Bull, Failing Fiat and the Foundering of the Central Bank Economy

Here are a couple of vids that will make you nervous;
INCHES FROM DEATH: Downhill mountain biker rips cliffs in Utah - YouTube

driving on mountain top ORIGINAL! - YouTube
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