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Don't Know for Sure, but.....

Originally Posted by Guruji View Post
Hi guys I have a solid state Bedini. This I did with two 1/4w resistors 10k instead of the 1n4001 and a 20k between collector and base.
This Bedini is driven by a solar panel.
The thing is that when I changed these resistors to 1watt charge is worse
Why is this?
Hey Guruji,

Don't know for sure, but one possibility is that the 1/4 watt resistors were carbon and the 1 watt resistors are "wire wound" meaning they are adding some inductance to the control section that wasn't there before.

Look at the signal on the base of the transistor with an oscilloscope and see if it looks the same as with the 1/4 watt resistor and diode.

Beyond that, this really isn't the right thread to discuss this issue.

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