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adjusting the load

Hi All, I was exp. today ,not using the 3Bgs , though ,since I flushed my dead bat(it's special) .
Just the 2 primaries , and a standard pm motor, but I added a 3rd brush ,2 comm. positions off the +brush...
Use a common ground, but supply , 1 of the primaries , off 1 brush use the other for drive.
One causes rotation ,and charges a 2nd battery.
How much charge the 2nd battery receives, depends how you load the motor. Also the amount of load keeps changing. Something to do with how batteries discharge , they seem to rush forward , then relax, then repeat.
Keeping them in the , rush forward, aspect is the hard part.
Add a brush to a 12 pole com in the center ,use a diode ,and feed a 2nd battery, keep a common ground, then just keep flipping the batteries back and forth?

Hey Dave watching the Braden with great interest....time and money