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You can't eat gold,,, or electricity

I already posted a graph showing the price of gold in oil,,, oil in gold. Numerous sources have shown clearly that Western vaults are empty. What would cause the West to disburse every bit of gold that they could beg, borrow and steal??? The OBVIOUS answer is FEAR. But, fear of what? Gold can rise to any particular price and not really cause serious problems. This is NOT true for oil. Suppose gold rises and oil follows it's historical trend?

This kind of price for crude would cause an instant freeze in commerce. The cure for high prices is,,, high prices.
While this is true for discretionary items, what happens when the price of the master resource shoots up?
FOFOA: Think like a Giant 3

Working backwards, this would explain the fanatical dishoarding of gold,,, the breakneck conversion to a police state,,,the ill-fated and temporary sojourn into fracking,,, the NAU for Canada's oil

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