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Gold, oil and food

There are a lot of people who don't like what is going on in the financial world. Reportedly, some of them talk to Jim Willie to get info out to the world. There is absolutely no doubt that huge quantities of gold are moving from East to West. Official import / export data proves it. Jim talks about the amount being near 60,000 tons. There is supposed to be about 170,000 tons of gold worldwide. 60,000 tons seems to be enough to clean out much of the West. So, who in the West had this much gold to lose?
Reportedly, Saudi Arabia held a LOT of gold in London. Official export records show a lot of gold leaving Great Britain. Jim says that the Saudis have been screwed.
Jim Willie Bombshell: Saudi Royal Gold Ransacked in London to Prevent Default! |

If you read far and wide enough, you will come to the conclusion that Western gold is just gone. It was sent away to maintain the status quo. Our food supply is produced by converting carbon energy into food energy. Our industry consumes energy, the master resource, in huge quantities. You can't eat gold. Here is a graph of the price ratio of gold vs oil.
Most people assume that the POG has been suppressed so that there would be no alternate store-of-value available. It's true that all funds are available to be stolen if they are not FRNs in your physical possession. This tends to keep velocity high. This may be a secondary effect.

Various States are in a currency war. China just joined. They are printing like maniacs. The POG would reflect that if it were not "managed". Indirectly, the printers are trying to conduct a currency war without affecting the price of OIL. They want to print enormously but, NOT increase the price of food. They are sweeping up every ounce of gold in the vaults. They know very well what WILL happen when oil/energy/ food prices rise.

It is possible that gold will have some kind of huge spike without oil following. I suspect that this is not likely. The PTB would rather see all the gold leave rather than see the price of food quadruple. The banks forced the CBs to print. I imagine that they didn't consider the effect this would have on oil and food.
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