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Originally Posted by Hrothgar View Post
If someone wants to fake you out then you have to have something that the various fans of bitts and LC enthusiasts could attest to the magical properties shown in the video is done well enough to have 3 pages of posts about it. I personally haven't studied the shaded pole motors to conclude real or fake.

Look at it this way someone arguing it was real based on LC or bitt principles might claim the energy isn't coming from the hp of rotation but the timing and rerouting of the fields initially set into play by the capacitor. If someone wants to back up their bravado then spend $50+ on motors, capacitors and rubber bands to back it up. If it ends up working then you don't need a bedini to charge your batteries anymore.
Take any tank circuit. Put a shorted secondary on it of any amount of turns you want. What happens to the Q? Ive been around long enough to say what I did with confidence. Ask any of the old folks from these forums. If they are even around anymore. Go find a few of the threads I started if you want some actual science and interesting result.
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