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Originally Posted by citfta View Post
Hi Armagdn03,

What is amazing to me about this whole thread is the number of people that don't even know what kind of motor that is and yet they are the very same ones that insist it could work! That seems to me like someone that doesn't know a piston from a spark plug trying to tell a mechanic he knows more about how an engine operates than the mechanic does. I am afraid the average intelligence level of this forum is seriously dropping. It is no wonder that a lot of the senior members of this forum have stopped even posting any more. Thanks for trying to add a little bit of real knowledge to this thread.

Take care, Carroll
Thanks Carroll!

I build tons of pretty incredible things. I just started to get very tired of "throwing pearls before swine". Many people think that what I post is speculation, or I am "experimenting".I generally post the results of work, not the work along the way. I rarely document experiments for the public. It takes tons of time, and what you receive in return is hearsay and conjecture from people who have drifted into the aether as it were and are far off base from reality. It takes time, effort, and resources to document and share. Now I just poke in here and again to see if anything interesting has shown up. Erfinder's motor is the most interesting I have seen of late.
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