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Gummy Bear Battery

Originally Posted by Lidmotor View Post
I made a low power cell today using copper, magnesium, and a "Gummy Bear" candy. I started thinking about these soild state batteries that we have been studying and decided to look into "gel" cells. One thing led to another and I ended up with "gelatine" as perhaps a way to make a homemade "gel" cell. Gummy Bears are made using that ingredient so I tried one and it worked. I don't know if this has any value in the other type cells that we are building but it was an interesting little experiment. I found out that ions can travel quite nicely through a gelatine based substance.

YouTube - Gummy Bear Battery.ASF


I am slowly working my way through years of these posts, and hopefully I will find an update on this in the next couple thousand posts... I follow you on YouTube and commented on this video (tgraca50), so send a note if you get a chance. Love your work!

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