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The murder of exceptionalism

All belligerent empires self-destruct. We live in an America that is NOT the same America that our founders created.

Richard Ebeling: Let me put it this way. There is a meaning to the notion of "American Exceptionalism," if rightly understood. America was exceptional in its founding and its practical existence for a long time because it was based on a series of principles not practiced anywhere before in the world in the same way. Before "America," virtually all societies were founded on conquest and plunder. The conquering chieftains and their descendants asserted the authority and legitimacy to absolutely and arbitrarily rule over those under their political control.

In some places such as Great Britain there had been long battles over centuries between the kings and some segments of his subjects concerning defined limits on monarchical power. The achievements of the British in this regard were part of the premise upon which the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed and the Constitution promulgated a handful of years later.
But nowhere else than in America was there such a conscious and explicit claim that kings and their governments were not the giver and taker of "rights" belonging to the people. In America it was stated that all men are endowed with certain unalienable rights, which included each individual's right to his life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. These rights preceded government, and a government's only legitimacy was in protecting the people's individual rights, not violating them. And far more than in any other part of the world, this idea and ideal was preached and practised.

Were there governmental abuses and interventionist corruptions? Yes. Did the government act in aggressive and plundering ways at various times at some people's expense? No doubt. But in comparison to the thousands of years before, America was a living reality of a society based on and respecting the individual's right to be free, and not the manipulated pawn in the hands of arbitrary monarchs or democratic majorities.

This was the essence of "American Exceptionalism." In America, society was made up of uniquely self-governing and sovereign individuals. - See more at: The Daily Bell - Richard Ebeling on Austrian Economics, Economic Freedom and the Trends of the Future

This "exceptionalism is NOT compatible with communism. Many groups are constantly pushing sectors of the world into socialism,,,, that always morphs into communism. American principles had to be destroyed if communism were to advance world wide.

"........ deeply flawed US State of the Union. A certain geopolitical force was detected. It did not like America, not at all, but it was hidden. Many are its agents and tools. Its dark knights were few, most with extreme success stories and baron status. Their symbols are scattered across American landscape, entering lives in subtle manner, most prominently on the back of a $1 bill. After the turn of the millennium, much changed. Darkness extended its shadow."

"The biggest turning points were the Vietnam War, the Kennedy assassination, the broken Bretton Woods gold standard, the Most Favored Nation status grant to China, and the Patriot Act passage,. Those events were prologue for the death of a nation."

Hoarding Gold, Food and Friendship
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