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The new dimension to war

War has become VERY expensive. BUT, man is always working towards efficiency. Big battles and Big ships just don't work anymore.
israel knows plenty about war.

"But Israeli officials have warned that the next war might begin with just such a scene. In an October speech, Israel Defense Forces chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz put “a cyber-attack on banks” in the same category as a missile strike on Israel’s version of the Pentagon or mass attacks on a border town.

The IDF’s head of intelligence says the menace is even worse.

“Cyber defense, in my modest opinion, will soon be revealed to be the biggest revolution in the past century, more than gunpowder and the use of air power,” Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, Israel’s head of military intelligence

Read more: Israel Credit Card Glitch Raises Cyber War Fears | Israel Credit Card Glitch Raises Cyber War Fears |

A couple of articles on cyberwar;
PM - The threat of cyber war 05/02/2014

Cyberattack on Energy Sector would be 'Devastating'

The World's Most Dangerous Software - Bloomberg

If a cyber-war is the most formidable type of war, maybe conventional war will fade away. M.A.D. fostered the developing peace in Europe. Could a cyber war with assured mutual destruction be the basis of a new peace? Flame and STUXNET could not be kept in bounds. Conventional weapons have gotten increasingly lethal. Could the same happen with cyber weapons?
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