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Questions about PATHS


Maybe some PATHS-User could answer these questions, because the PATHS customer service strictly ignores all mails and pmīs.

1) Which payment-methods do they offer? Is it possible to pay with PayPal?

2) As far as I know, they need the name, birth date, birth place and going to bed/waking up times, for programming the theatre :
-> Why is the birth date and birth place necessary?
-> Is there any more personal information required?

3) You should sleep 8 hours and also go to bed every day at the same time:
-> This is just not possible. So does it still work, even if someone canīt stick to this sleeping requirements?

4) How do we know, that there arenīt any negative messages sent do the subconscious?

5) Is there any kind of energy involved, that is sent to one, while watching the theatre, or only the instructions for the subconscious?

-> Why do they know, in what kind of language the self-conscious is communicating and how do they translate it?
-> How does the RDT and the Quantum Amplifier technically work?
-> How do they personalize the theatre? (What is the process?)

7) In case someone wantīs adjustments to his personal theatre. How should that work, if the support just doesnīt reply to any messages or emails?

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