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The proof is in the pudding

Hello , Astronod here . Because i was not on the forum some time the whole happening , techzombie allegations i missed it. I remember i wrote a small reply on the site back than due to i did see some `new` you tube` s with eric so i checked it out , there was a video about the flux capacitor or something eric did show his HF transceiver in the car and told about the inverter 12 to 24 volts with the vibrator , well i tought due to i had many vibrators in my hands ( i know dont ) new from the surplus localy eric might could use some of those and remember i have some thyratron eg&g (bushaka ) JAN mil stuff hydrogen . i wanted to donate , i did offer some parts till 10kg in box and ship it with dhl for you thats about 45 usd and did ask for just to pay that shipping amount , the offer is still open sure some stuff could be very handy .So i think its now up to Aaron because he have close contact with eric . and eric en epd labs have no @box they just want hand written letters by mail .
The offer is still open i did post also a new post about a chart recorder i could buy for little monnies . however the shipping is a other problem due its heavy i guess about 20 a 30 kg . postal shipping to usa goes till 20kg sure there other services like dhl i could ask for a shipping price if needed .
When i did came on the forum again here more often i did understand a bit what was going on . I do understand the conflict a bit due to erics high IQ and live style he might think that techzombie is a empty head and did sniff his brains out ...
Later on i did look to some of his you tubes some are funny to look at
Well i tought in one of his latest video`s he talked about agents gatekeepers ect . and Aaron might kill himself if a real `free energy device ` what real might work will be posted on his forum .
Well that leave us no option Lets put the Proof in the Pudding .
I will Post serval devices i did proof my self, highly overunity. not free energy ... well its about the same not? and post some info what might indeed uncover agents of misinformation or maybe its just a little mistake by just tell how those devices realy work ! no one told me i could not do that of whatever .

Ok techzombie keep your eyes The proof is in the pudding or should we call you Rayam Azab Youssef

i did found a very interesting info about the Youssef family tree

'Innocence of Muslims' Filmmaker Released From Custody - The Hollywood Reporter

ok this smells like more conspiracy.

Digg a little deeper . why did techzombie change his name , and why you now use Muhamed (to cover the cover up)

GOP Dredges Up Benghazi Incident to Impeach Obama | Veterans Today
The Benghazi incident of September 11, 2012 .... 11 september where i did hear that before 9-11 ?

Too bad the new website of stew webb is changed i am using the waybackmachine is i can find less filtered info about the real data
there was a lot of data about the moslim brotherhood and connections to arab intel, weapons import via turkey to sponsor terror , there is some leaked data about US ambassador Christopher Stevens who was consciousness of all the cover up cia ,moslim brotherhood 911 ect ect . know too much and did want to come out and or leak the scam/plan. How H. Clinton is connected to the story i leave it iin the middle however in the time of morsi in egypt there was live streaming from the revolutions 24hous a day on the sites like usteam livestream ect in the chat with 10000ths vieuwers, did drop carpet bombs of info about the muslim brotherhood connection to mossad, arab intel. one day H clinton was in afrika congo at that same time i was attacked by a directed energy weapon the same weapon they did use on william lyne that can been seen in the jesse ventura video about the death ray .

here the video of the attack when i was looking to it. the weapon did almost hit me direct with a bright flash and caduceus coil rainbow color spiral in the flash .
It made me dizzy for a day due to i did heal my self fast.

US Sec of State Hillary Clinton and AU Chair Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma Meet on Congo and Mali - YouTube

look at 11:54 till the end . even eric dollard mention william lyne and H. Clinton .

Muslim brotherhood ..... The Muslim Brotherhood | Terrorism and the Illuminati

when i find the raw old files i post them however this should give some info to think about . however i have little hope i can find it . i know stew webb i ask him for the data links or whatever i can find .

Astronod / PD7Z

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