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Originally Posted by gyula View Post
Hard drive magnets are magnetized in an unusual way..."
That explains it. I earlier just tested them at the ends, not the faces. I guess I'm done with this project. I'm not willing to spend $500 to build a project that no one even knows how it is supposed to work. With no access to radar magnetron magnets and no info on the magnet pole face size, type of magnet material, or magnetic field strength it is purely a shot in the dark that would cost too much for me to only light a light bulb. If I remember correctly, somone in the first tests said the magnet would need to be replaced after 2000 hours so it wouldn't even provide enough power to pay for itself. The replacement magnet cost would excede any benefit derived from the device. Of course that's not a factor in government sponsored projects like the early air force tests because they have virtually unlimited budgets.
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