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No neutral zone

I finally got my hard drive magnets and encased them in a resin block. The ones I received were only 45 degree arcs so I had to use four per layer to get a 180 degree arc to simulate the horseshoe magnet. I stacked them four high. I should have had 5 layers from the 20 magnets but broke one getting it off of the backing plate and dropped another one and it broke.

I sanded away the resin around the ends of the arc to expose the ends of the "horseshoe" with a belt sander. The field at the ends was strong before sanding but stronger still after sanding.

I couldn't find a neutral line by trying GSM's experiment with the rod and coil. I can get the compass needle to spin but I'm using a larger compass and the needle is mounted on a wheel showing five degree markings. I think it is more the momentum of the compass wheel carrying the wheel around to the next pole than a neutral zone. I also didn't have and couldn't find a ferrite rod locally so used steel.

So maybe the hard drive magnets won't work. I'm not sure where to go from here. I'll probably try a soft iron rod if I can find it.
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