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GOV would prefer that investors do not know what is going on. In 2006, GOV quit reporting what the M3 money supply was. There are credible reports that unemployment has reached 37%.
The Daily Bell - A Trend to Note: Over One-Third of Adults Unemployed
NOT from GOV.
GOV also keeps 2 sets of books. The congressional budget office has 2 reports.
Extended Baseline Forecast or EBF.
Alternative Fiscal Scenario or AFS
"The Alternative Fiscal Scenario (AFS) is what the CBO thinks we're facing absent a truly dramatic and sustained shift in fiscal policy.

Because of Kotlikoff's ability to get news coverage for the AFS, the CBO decided this year not to publish it."
"Using the AFS figures, the unfunded liability is $205 trillion. This is the figure that the CBO does not want the general public, meaning the financial media, to be aware of.

Understand, this is not the unfunded liabilities added up in all future years. This is the present value of the unfunded liabilities, discounted to today. This means that the government needs $205 trillion, cash on hand, to invest in the private sector, in order to fund its legal liabilities."
$205 trillion doesn't sound like so much of you say it real fast
"This is the soft-core version that he wrote for Forbes. He released a hard-core version in an interview on the Financial Sense website. He called this a conspiracy. But he made it clear that it is a bipartisan conspiracy."
Now, you know why congress passed the increase in the debt ceiling. We're a couple hundred $ trillion short.

Bloomberg says that manufacturing jobs are gone.... get over it. We will be a service economy. Manufacturing is the main value-added enterprise. At the other end of the economy is interest drain. What do you think happens to the economy if interest drain continues but, there is no value-added input?
Bloomberg Businessweek says: “Factory Jobs Are Gone. Get Over It.” | Robohub

We are overly burdened by parasites but, JPM and GS want to buy up everything to institute monopoly pricing and control over EVERYTHING.
The Vampire Squid Strikes Again: The Mega Banks' Most Devious Scam Yet | Politics News | Rolling Stone
No problem, we'll all live like the Amish.

Big, Bad, Bald Ben Bernanke claimed that he could have stopped the Great Depression of 1929 by providing unlimited liquidity to the banking industry. Well, he got his chance to try it out on the recession of 2008. ALL he accomplished was to postpone the depression.
Abe in Japan was / is? a great believe in Bernanke style reflation. He REALLY printed. How strange, the stock market crashed as a result. The European Central Bank is furious with Germany because Germany does NOT want unlimited printing. Germany told Mario to "piss off".

China has 10,000 producers of coal and brings on a new coal-fired plant every week. The economy has cooled off and the price of coal is below the cost of production. All those coal producers are highly leveraged and many/ most will crash and bring down their creditors.

This is where our economy is relative to where it should be;
Obummercare will reduce it further;
Editorials | Mauldin Economics

Just in case you missed it, all of this was predicted many years ago.
1958 Robert Welch founder of John Birch Society Prediction Americas Destruction from Inside - YouTube
Here is something that is not screwed up;
Vangelis - Conquest of Paradise (Pan pipe Version) - YouTube
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