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Got the BOOK!!

Hey All,
Got the book two days ago and am absolutely fascinated! Only about half way thru, so I'm hoping my brain can keep up with all that is being presented

Moria, I hope your book arrives soon , does the place you ordered from have a tracking number?

Hi Suzannah, Sooooo, whatja' think? This really seems to click for me....funny thing....I'm originally from the east coast but moved west about 11yrs ago, constantly propelled to be in Montana for some reason. Anyway, in the bookstore the other day I'm trying to decide whether or not to plonk done the cash for Dr. Bartlett's book that I really, really want but shouldn't be frivolous right now. So, standing there all wishy-washy, flipping thru the book, stop to read a passage and out jumps that freakiest thing!! He's talking about(no spoilers, I promise ) working in Bozeman and driving to Missoula, MT. Guess where I live?!! Yup, Missoula, MT ....Bought the book. If you want to discuss what you've read so far, please feel free to PM me (don't want to spoil it for anyone else ).

Hey Stephen, I saw that you're planning to attend the Seattle seminar! That is SO exciting!! I've been playing around with the idea of going, but I really want to go to the PATHS conference! Gotta decide soon LOL. I'm also thinking it would be beneficial to be on my self esteem module for a bit longer, to help me benefit from the instruction more...
BUT!, I know you're going to have a Fantastic time. I read that this will be the second showing of his newly revamped Level 1 seminar!!! Please have a TERRIFIC time and be sure to come back here and tell us everything, 'k?

Love and Laughter,
Love and Laughter
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