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Best Forum in the world

Thanks 4 the update Aaron

The Energetic forum is one of the great places we meet on the web to share results of experimentation. Keep doing what you do Aaron keeping us all here.

The domain names and other technicalities always subject to change and I am glad someone is there to resolve these issues.

Energetic forum is the best place around in my opinion.


Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
Thanks for all the phone calls and emails.

The domain is an autorenew through Godaddy but it does NOT renew. This same thing happened last year if anyone remembers.

When a domain expires and gives notice that it is, someone else cannot simply slide in and scoop it up. There is a grace period where they actually give the original domain owner enough time in case there are any problems like this.

My recommendation is to NEVER do business with Godaddy and as we can, I'd like to get the domains moved to the same place where the forum is hosted.

I apologize for any inconvenience! Everything seems to be fine now and its a matter of time until the name servers propagate everywhere and everyone else will be able to log back in.
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