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Resonant Ring Cavity

I stumbled upon this this morning and it really grabbed my attention.

This first link is to the original article that got my attention. It is about sound and that interested me because sound is a longitudinal wave. The phrases that stood out were:

"a new physical mechanism to break time-reversal symmetry and subsequently induce nonreciprocal transmission of waves". Non-reciprosity is a key to OU, i.e. don't consume the dipole.

"At the core of the team's sound circulator is a resonant ring cavity" which got me thinking about the Hendershot cap/coils.
To hear without being heard: First nonreciprocal acoustic circulator created

I explored "ring cavity"and "ring resonator" which took me to the following links. Most of what I found was about light and lasers but it may be applicable to magnetic circuits also.
Ring Resonators
Scroll down a bit in that PDF file and the drawings should grab your attention.

For those of you looking at ring magnets, the following animation should get your attention.
Optical Ring Resonator

The other thing that popped up in my mind was Eric Dollard's explanation of the fields of DC transmission lines being between the conductors, i.e. the straight lines outside the ring resonators.

I haven't really figured out how this ties into Hendershot other than the north/south parallel lines of the earth's magnetic field lines could be a clue and the fact that the magnet in the Mk3 being between everything else.

Seems this would have major interest to those working on the Mk1 and 2.

Other chores to do today so I'll come back to it later but thought I should pass this along.

For more info seardh "ring cavity"and "ring resonator". There's a lot of it out there.
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