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Well I just started started to investigate this restoration project. A small scale with a tiny motor and 2 watt load. Approx 4 hours run time and some improvement with being able to eliminate the bulb and resistor load. So, the resistance of the small bat 3 has gone down. To make use of my solar panels, I will have to move to larger things. Maybe I will try and get something bigger going on in my well house. The weather seems to warming up somewhat where I live.

I see what you are saying. I could tell my bat 2 seemed to be supplying the resistor battery in 3rd position. I will remove bat 2 and put it in the well room. I have an old car battery that holds 12 volts for position 1. The lawn tractor bat will move to position 2 and leave small bat as it is in 3rd position. That way the newest battery next to resistor bat. I want to explore resonance with it in my more comfortable studio with wood heat.

In the well room I have two deep cycle marine batteries for position 1 and 2 and the three identical old SLA bats for position 3. Have several old radiator cooling fan motors laying around I can try for the motor. Also have two very old 6 volt golf cart bats. I can hardly move these things around anymore as I am getting old at 77. Really want to finish a lot of projects this year so I can relax.